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Dec 16 / Elizabeth DiNovella

Protests in Copenhagen Heat Up

I’m inspired by the grassroots activism happening at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Police have arrested more than 1000 people so far.

Here’s what my friend and colleague, Molly Stentz of WORT-FM, reported today on her blog from Copenhagen:

We know the drill by now. Head honchos arrive tomorrow. Checklist for today:

  • Polish up the Bella Center (vaccum, mop, install more metal detectors)
  • Remove untidy protest contingent
  • Move in on the groups that police have been surveilling and detain their organizers
  • Seize any likely protest equipment
  • Arrest & detain now, deal with consequences later

One of the best sources of info is Indymedia Denmark.

For updates from the grassroots, visit Via Campesina,, and, of course, Democracy Now.

The Yes Men are once again up to their shenanigans.


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